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I have mentioned in the founding history of the school that after the initial ground work of purchasing the land and starting construction of the school, I gradually introduced friends and well-wishers to this School project. We formed an American Charitable organization that came to be known as Friends of Fr. Symon Jubilee School for Nomads through which friends and well-wishers extended their donations as charity to the school. 

With generous donations from America and substantial donations from contributors in Austria-Europe who were not giving through the above mentioned organization, in less than ten years under the leadership of the organization we had established a full boarding primary school with a two-story, eight-classroom building; four dormitories; a Dining Hall with kitchen, that also serves as an Activity Center; a Matron’s House; three teachers’ houses, Administration building and a computer center.  In addition, we drilled a bore hole on site; transported a shipping container from the USA to Narok full of donated school furnishings, including an entire library of books for primary school students; installed a rain water harvesting system, purchased various containers for storing rain water, machinery for grinding corn, three large cookers/stoves for the kitchen, and required textbooks for the students. In 2014 the friends who were responsible for registration of the charitable organization decided to dissolve it with understanding that it had accomplished its mission.
My people in Kenya will always be thankful to those who kept connecting with the people who made it all happen. Thank you to everyone who participated, sponsored, and otherwise helped make it such a successful and memorable accomplishment.

     Even though I set up the School to be self-sustaining, gifts and donations from well-wishers will always help the School to meet some expenditures such as purchase of text books, learning material and some repairs. This makes it possible to keep school fees affordable for parents and without increasing it to cater for such expenses.

   Because of this we formed a cooperation known as Friends of Father Ntaiyia Jubilee School. Inc. that was registered and by June 2015 we were given Public Charity Status – 501 (c) (3) that allows donors to deduct contributions they make to us. The document also indicated we are also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers and other as stated in the IRS letter to us.

Please note we have also activated an Online Charitable Donations processor indicated above this page 

Fr. Symon Peter Ntaiyia.