The Maasai of Southern Kenya
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The Maasai are one of the storied tribes of East Africa. For centuries they have roamed Kenya and Tanzania as nomads, pursuing a pastoral lifestyle as herdsmen. Today they live mostly in Southwestern Kenya, the Maasai Mara and remote areas of the country.

Possessing a noble bearing and a culture rich in tradition, the Maasai did not embrace formal education or schools. Unfortunately, as the world around them adapts to change, they are being left behind. However, they are beginning to understand that those with education have greater economic opportunities and can better provide for their families.

This realization presents a dilemma. Their nomadic lifestyle precludes attending primary school, unless boarding opportunities are available. A good elementary education is vital to gaining admission to high schools.To do so one must successfully pass the Standardized National Examination to enter. Without the strong foundation provided in elementary school, entrance into high school is not possible and poverty is perpetuated. Scholars fear that 90% of the Maasai tribe could become beggars ~ people without land or employment in the near future.