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Father Ntaiyia Jubilee Primary Boarding School is in Narok County that is situated in Southern Kenya along the Great Rift Valley. Its capital and largest town is Narok, named after Enkare Narok: a river that flows through it. Father Ntaiyia School is about two miles from Narok Town, along Narok- Bomet Road.

In 2004 as I was about to celebrate my 25 years of priesthood in the Catholic Church, I decided to mark this occasion by establishing an elementary school for my people the Maasai in my home town of Narok, Kenya East Africa. I bought a five-acre lot on my own and started construction of eight classrooms. The school is registered in Kenya as Father Ntaiyia Jubilee Primary Boarding School. It is mostly referred to as (Father Ntaiyia or Jubilee School) and I am the legal registered proprietor of this School. As time went by I gradually introduced friends and well-wishers to this School project which I had hoped to develop as I continued to do my priestly ministry in the US. At some stage some friends viewed my efforts as a great charity to my people in Kenya and so they advised that it was better to form an American Charitable organization, established under the laws of the State of New York and registered as a non-profit organization, so that well-wishers may easily extend their donations as charity to the school.

We were able to form this organization following the legal registration and we named this organization “Friends of Fr. Symon Jubilee School.” The aim of this organization was very well stated in the first few lines in a home page of a website that was also created to support it and promoted the school’s establishment and it stated: “Our purpose is to support an elementary school for grades 1 through 8, recently built in Narok, Kenya by Fr. Symon Ntaiyia, for the benefit of children, both of the Maasai tribe (who primarily reside in the region) and from other tribes.” With the majority of contributions through this charitable organization the school developed as a learning institution for the Maasai children and the results have been realized, with all the graduating students in the first three years’ classes making it in public examinations for high School. I must mention that the school has been receiving substantial donations from contributors in Austria-Europe who were not giving through the above mentioned organization.

After some years, the friends who were involved in registration of the Charitable Organization found it fitting to dissolve it with the understanding that its aim was for capital campaign and that the goal has been achieved. This was stated in the letter dated August 29, 2014 that was delivered by the President and Secretary/Treasurer of the organization on behalf of Directors, to all of the donors who gave generously to the friends of Fr. Symon School for Nomads over the years.

It is my intention that Father Ntaiyia Jubilee Primary Boarding School will continue to fulfill the educational mission which I established at its founding. That is that it will continue to operate as a private non-profit and non-denominational school, educating and housing primary school children of the region with special emphasis and outreach to the Maasai because this is what I projected as my legacy before I started the school and has been and will continue to be my firm persuasion with the donors. However, it must be understood that parents have to pay school fees to meet education for their children. It is also with the understanding that the Father Ntaiyia School cannot be exempt from any changes that the Ministry of Education in Kenya may make in the future. The students and staff of Father Ntaiyia Jubilee School and Maasai community will always and gratefully recognize the extraordinary generosity of Friends and well-wishers in supporting the mission of Father Ntaiyia School and his noble ministry of education.

Fr. Ntaiyia: Founder