The Father Ntaiyia Jubilee School
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The Maasai population in Narok is about 400,000 and 45% of the families still move in one way or another in search of water and pasture for their livestock (domestic animals are the major source of their livelihood). School going children have to move with parents and the community that moves. They stay in one place for as long as the grass can support their animals. In such a move, it means that if there were day school going children who move with the community too far from any school and for a long time, this will be the end of their schooling and only those in a boarding school can continue.


Father Ntaiyia Jubilee Primary Boarding School is in Narok County that is situated in Southern Kenya along the Great Rift Valley. Its capital and largest town is Narok. The Maasai, natives of Narok County, refer to Narok town as Enkare Narok (meaning black water or dark water) named after Enkare Narok, the river flowing through Narok town. Father Ntaiyia Jubilee School is about two miles from Narok Town, along Narok- Bomet Road. Narok town is located 142 Km west of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The population of Narok Town is approximately 8,000 people, with the majority of the people being Maasai. There are more than 40,000 people living in the outlying areas of Narok, who also are mostly Maasai. The area is accessible by public transportation; there are medical facilities, food stuffs and other supplies are easily obtainable. (Narok District is the home of Maasai Mara game reserve that is North of Serengeti).


The school’s mission is to educate the children of the nomadic tribes of the region with special emphasis and outreach to the Maasai. It is expected to give not less than 85% of its places to Maasai children, especially those from the geographical area in which Maasai people live in Kenya. 15% of the places may be given to children from other ethnic groups.


Father Symon, the proprietor of the school, was able to buy five acres of land in December 2004 with his savings and the gifts for the three years he had been ministering in the US. He placed his salary and the donations from well-wishers in the buildings and funds designated from the Friends of Fr. Symon Jubilee School for Nomads. He had the opportunity to purchase 3 additional acres of land in April 2008 that was adjacent to the School property and did so.


A school that will soundly give children a strong foundation in all required subjects following official curriculum and syllabus of Kenya education; set up in order to prepare them for success in the official public examination; help the Maasai children reach their fullest potential as persons and develop their desire to be lifelong learners.